About Peacetopia

Peacetopia is a micronation with two provinces located in Chatt Hills, Georgia, U.S.A., earth, the milky way galaxy, the universe, infinity. We in Peacetopia believe that all human beings and other essences have the same rights and that no one, no matter skin color, race, ethnicity, species or gender should be shoved in a corner. Oppression is the food that fuels war mongering, pollution, shootings, racism, and the inability to thrive in this lifetime. That is why we created this micronation, to be a safe haven for all that is good and beautiful on this universal essence we call ‘earth’. Anyone can enter peacetopia as long as their intentions are ment toward the betterment of our civilization. There are no borders, no guns and no guards.

What is a Micronation?

A micronation is an entity that claims to be a sovereign nation but is not recognized by any other country or major international organization. A micronation formally and persistently agitates for sovereignty over a given territory and is thus differentiated from other social groups.

Space Agency

The Peacetopia Space Agency is dedicated to studying the universe and discovering new ways to benefit humanity from the science of space exploration.

Peacetopia Royal Navy 

Over 100 countrys around the world have an armed navy. We believe in using ships for peacefull purposes. Some of the uses of a Peacetopia Royal Navy Ship are: keeping an eye on wildlife, launching drones for the air force, launching rockets for the space program and just plain fun!

Below are photos of a model of the Peacetopia Royal Navy's largest ship, the H.M.S. Grandad, made using Lego bricks.

Below are photos of wildlife taken by the Peacetopia Royal Navy.

Peacetopia Royal Air Force

Most countries have an armed air force. In Peacetopia, we believe in using aircraft for peacefull purposes. Some of the uses of a Peacetopia Royal Air Force aircraft are: capturing live events, surveying surrouding areas, delivering small items, taking ariel shots of Peacetopia and keeping an eye on wildlife. 


Below are photos of the Peacetopia Royal Air Force's main aircraft, the Grega GN-1.

Credit to Designevo for the Space Program logo

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